Screen Tests (after Warhol) (2012)

This video is both homage to Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests of the 1960’s and contemplation on the concept of “Other”

5:43 minute silent HD digital video looped for monitor projection
Edition of 5

Starring: Garry-Lewis James Osterberg (muse), Milo, Jorge, Tokyo, Little Dude, Elvis, Lenny, Bandedo, Chip, Spicey and Mr. Wilson – 11 Chihuahuas!
Camera: Shari Hatt
Editor: Michelle Irving – Gong Media (

A big hit at the 2012 Toronto Art Fair!
Exhibited at Galerie Donald Browne, Montreal – Who’s paying you? (2012)
Exhibited at Galerie Donald Browne, Montreal – The Holiday Show (2014)
Screened in The Purity Of Excess festival at Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal (2013)

Editions: 1 & 2 sold
Private collection