Garry Lewis James Osterberg


Garry-Lewis James Osterberg (2002-2017) was a soft sculpture artist and Iggy Pop tribute dancer. Formerly “Chico”, GLJO was adopted from the Montreal SPCA in 2004 after a tumultuous upbringing. Incredibly, in March 2007, he spent 2.5 days running around alone and naked in downtown Toronto – surviving the mean streets of Queen and Spadina. GLJO managed to parlay this incredible journey into his first solo exhibition: “I’m Worth a Million in Prizes”. GLJO is the first canine artist to receive a CARFAC fee, was shortlisted for Oboro’s prestigious Super Short Film Prize, and has been featured in several publications like Canadian Art. He has shown his sculptures, photographs and videos at Polygon Gallery, Museum London, Paul Petro Gallery, Galerie Donald Browne, TAF, Galerie SAW, GIV, MUFF, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, and SS65 in London, UK.  GLJO considered himself to be the canine embodiment of Iggy Pop. He was constantly mistaken for Iggy.